Instrument Related Questions And Help Page

I make every effort to answer your questions as quickly as possible. You can help by giving me as much information as possible when formulating your question. I will almost certainly return your email within one day under normal circumstances. I usually attach a jpeg image of the instrument involved with your return mail. These images are from the Miltex CD-ROM catalog and are of good quality. Included with the image will be the :

 Miltex Catalog #

 Retail Price

 Your Cost

 Shipping Charges

Please supply a catalog number wherever possible. Even if this might be from a different manufacturer I can usually convert it.

Let me know any specifics such as description, quantity or how soon you might need delivery.

Take a moment and browse the Miltex price list. This will help you locate an instrument you do not see on the site. If you need a specialty catalog such as the Dental or Podiatry lines, feel free to email with your request.

Please let me know your intended application for the instrument so I can better direct you. I may be able to offer different alternatives where appropriate.

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