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Factory Trained Technician With Over 19+ Years Experience in Repair & Modification

Each order Carefully Inspected & Tested

Repair pricing is for routine repairs under normal wear and tear. Prices are subject to change. If extra work is  required
your office will be contacted. Please ship all instruments clean & sterile and remember to protect sharp tips.
To: SSR, Inc. P.O. Box 537, 5 Shore Ave. Oyster Bay, NY 11771. Call with any questions concerning modifications
or instruments you do not see mentioned below. Call 1-800-932-7364

 Comedone extrs. $3.00-5.50
 Curettes (dermal) $5.00-7.00
 Fcps, del. (Bishop Harmon etc.) $12.50-22.50
 Fcps, reg. (Dumont, Adson etc.) $6.00-8.50
 Hemostats, most patterns  $6.00-10.00
 Osteotomes, most patterns $7.00-15.00
 Punches (Keyes, transplant etc.) $5.50-7.50
 Needle holders (tungsten inserts) $25.00-40.00
 Scissors (operating) $6.00-8.50
 Scissors (delicate: Iris, Gradle etc.) $7.00-10.00
 Scissors (carbide blades) $8.00-12.00
 Scissors (supercut ie razorcut) $10.00-15.00
 Scissors (micro, spring handle) $30-45.00
 Scissors (double edge, facelift) $8.50-15.00
 Skin hooks $7.50-10.00
 Blade serrations $2.00 per blade
 Electro Etching$3.00 per inst.
 Modifications $ per job
 Gold plating $ per job

Please call or email with any questions 800•932•7364 email